Family Roots Package


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The Family Roots Package includes the following.

  • Choice of tree
  • Face and Name engraving
  • Living memory QR code
  • Access to park
  • Care and nurturing for your living memory.

Additional information

Tree Type

Living Roots Package, Elberta Peach, Granny Smith Apple, Reliance Peach, White Lady Peach, Gala Apple, Bartlett Pear, Fuji Apple, Pink Lady Apple, Bing Cherry, Honey Crisp Apple, Bloodgood Japanese Maple, Sugar Maple, Silver Maple, Shumard Oak, Red Sunset Maple, Ginko, Northern Red Oak, Tulip Poplar Tree, Willow Oak, White Oak, Green Vase Zelkova, Princeton American Elm, Sawtooth Oak, Flash Fire Maple, Wildfire Black Gum, Newport Flowing Plum, Pin Oak, Hackberry, Pink Weeping Cherry, Pink Dogwood, White Dogwood, White Kousa Dogwood, Autumn Cherry, Eastern Redbud, Kwanzan Cherry, Cold Hardy Mimosa, Flowering Plumb, Yoshino Cherry (White), Tulip Poplar, Prairifire Crab, Profusion Crabapple, Autumn Blaze Flowering Pear, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry, Spring Glory Serviceberry, Mt. Helens Plum Tree, Royal Raindrops Crabapple, Corinthian White Double Flowering Peach, Weeping Peach, Purple Plunge Weeping Plum, Sweet Sugar Tyme Crabapple, Hydrangea Tree, Royal Empress Tree, Colorado Blue Spruce, Austrian Pine, Emerald Green Arborvitae, Taylor Juniper


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